Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Five Most Interesting Facts about Cloud

The five most interesting facts that dazzle me about the cloud are:
  1. You can create 12 machines on the cloud, assign them a task to execute, take the output, then turn them off and destroy them EXACTY like what you did with threads in programming. So, machines can be analogous to threads! Imagine the compute power of the cloud.
  2. You can create a web site with 5 nodes and a load balancer, deploy the pages from your system or from source control such as TFS or GIT and get up and running with few lines of script. In the real world, that effort takes a minimum of a week of work and communication between OPS and DEV.
  3. On the cloud, you can create a database server, populate it with 1 GB of data, then run and produce 300,0000 customer reports, then push them over email, then shutdown the machine after all is done. This will cost you 2.37 USD!
  4. On the cloud, you can build a lab that consists of one Microsoft Active Directory server, DHCP, DNS, one SQL 2008, one SQL 2012 and 3 IIS web servers, an Ubuntu 12.04 machine, an Ubuntu 10.04 machine, CentOS 6.4 machine. You can connect all these machines on the same network segment and make them communicate privately between each other. All this can be done in 23 lines of code and will take 4 minutes to complete.
  5. You can create a 4 nodes web site, one hosted in USA, one in Europe, one in UAE and one in Australia. And you can geographically load balance customer traffic to nearest and fastest location. This setup was impossible to even be thinking of for a startup company! 

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