Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Innovation calls for Disruption

As opposed to disruptive innovation described in many publications and being a well-known term, and being part of the corporate scene I tend to see this in a flipped manner; that is innovation calls for (and actually mandates) disruption. As a corporate, being willing and prepared to invest and research possible ways of innovation within the company requires - as well - readiness for accepting disruption and adapting to the mess caused and influenced by the result of creating new ways to conduct business.

The IT organization is to play a proactive role in finding new and better ways to do business. This calls for a company culture that appreciates innovation and is ready to accept the disruption that might be caused by innovation.

When deploying a new technology, or introducing a new system, change and deployment preparations should take place to make sure that day-to-day work does not get disrupted. However, overanalyzing and over engineering of the change management process makes change more difficult to achieve, and sometimes not possible at all.

So, innovative and agile companies need to find the right balance between their ability to embrace and accept disrupting change and their day-to-day commitment to delivering normal uninterrupted service.

Leading Disruptive Innovation article published on mentions: "In today’s turbulent environment, leading disruptive innovation is likely more about best principles than best practices, and requires a disruptive approach to management itself."


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