Friday, April 01, 2016

Azure Strategic Offering

During Build 2016 Conference, Microsoft show cased several Azure service offerings that are very unique and innovative.

I see the strategic offering of Azure now relies on:

Engaging the Developer Community

Microsoft has a big developer community and bringing Azure closer to the developer rather than the DevOps guys will increase the popularity of Azure among the technology space. 
Open sourcing .net xamarin run time and several other projects is even going to engage more developers who are not practically used to be fans of Microsoft development tools.

Leveraging the Enterprise Mass 

Large number of enterprises have traditionally relied on Microsoft for their proven on-premise technologies such Office, Exchange, SQL and SharePoint. 
Microsoft has a great advantage in leveraging this enterprise trust and shift the enterprise to adopt Azure.

I think these two elements will give a very good push to Azure on the medium to longer run.

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